At Work Hark Play Hard Marketing we are Marketing and Branding Specialists...

What fuels your fire? What makes you get out of bed in the morning because you are truly motivated and driven? We want to help keep that fire burning, and we understand your drive to succeed. We started selling t-shirts in 1994, using a makeshift warehouse in a U-Haul Storage facility. We love to see how passionate you are about your business or special cause, too.

All of us at Work Hard Play Hard Marketing work as a team. “It’s not about providing a customer our services and expertise one time to fill a need or deadline. While we certainly strive to provide a quality product at a fair price, more importantly, it’s about creating a relationship or bond for many years to come. Our clients become our good friends.”

Our niche is the hospitality industry with additional experience with franchises, schools and nonprofits, and a specialty in apparel and unique gifts. No matter what type of product you’re after, however, we can help you achieve your marketing needs. Whether you’re securing donors, raising brand awareness or boosting sales, we will deliver more than you expect.

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